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August 15, 2011

We are pleased to present the photographic catalog of the new model TIMELINE.

The output of this collection will add the new area of ‚Äč‚Äčtaste Aster called “Transitional”, a mix of classic and modern solutions that bring the kitchen to the outside of any strict stylistic classification and make its timeless design. A kitchen to live a comfortable and welcoming, which is precisely the use to accentuate the beauty and the authentic charm. Compared to the Avenue, while putting her in the same range of taste, the Timeline appears in a robe and with a more contemporary look typically North American.

In this case, more than ever, the photographic catalog is the designer for a track from which to better express their own design flair. The project is a collaboration with two New York architects Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen of the study Workshop / apd, who designed the collection in a new way Timeline combining volumes and materials. The New York firm he founded his own international success of project “Sustainable Design”, also enshrined in the prestigious commission received by Global Green USA, which concerns an eco-friendly housing project in the reconstruction of New Orleans after hurricane.

Impressive doors painted by Canadian Murray Duncan, some issues are represented in the catalog photo, but they are only indicative because the artist is free to express their creativity. Born and raised in Toronto, her work experiences in applying various techniques of painting, expanding the tradition of abstract expressionism. His works are exhibited in many galleries, including New York and San Francisco, Europe and Asia. Very special solutions are also provided for the glass doors, which also include the “wire mesh”, a typical mesh of the early twentieth century rural kitchen, proposed in an elegant setting.