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Enrico Coveri Living designs by Aster Cucine

May 14, 2012

Pop Heart, Stone, Wild Flower. Fabulous Enrico Coveri’s textures found an ideal setting in Aster kitchens. In a stylish liaison designed to bring together the two seemingly different yet ultimately similar worlds of kitchen interiors and high fashion. Creating a new type of living space in this way, one where both technical features and decorative ones are combined as if to dress up in the most sophisticated clothing a room at the very heart of the home: the kitchen.

These magically expressed Enrico Coveri Living designs with their artfully crafted spirit of the Maison by Aster Cucine were greeted with enthusiasm by press and public alike, all of whom were delighted to have the chance to admire the Enrico Coveri Living designs in the Enrico Coveri Milan showrooms.

This was a key meeting. Bringing together the elusive beauty of the fashion world with the pragmatic functionality of kitchen design. Capturing the essence of volatile beauty whilst melding it with the hands on solidity of every day actions. Giving a solid physical feel to strong emotions while leaving a strong line, a sign. Like a form of osmosis able to dress the rooms of the house so they can be lived in and loved for many years to come.
A great success in a great meeting. Enrico Coveri is all about the art, painting, sculpture, design, theatre and dance. Aster Cucine is all about the reliability, awareness, innovation and ethics. A match which is no mere coincidence, for it is one where form and content ultimately coincide.

Aster Cucine at Eurocucina show in Milan

May 10, 2012